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Get preferential treatment for your transactions between Mexico and China, form part of our members, with benefits such as access to our network of contacts, discounts on services and events, political and business linkage, privileged commercial information, among other personalized services to protect and promote your business


Strategic Member

More than 251 employees

Active Member

51 to 250 employees


export member

educational institution

Medium Company Member

11 to 50 employees


Business Professional

Person with business activity.


Small Company Member

2 to 10 employees




  • Business license
  • Organization / enterprise code
  • Bank account certificate
  • Tax registration
  • Application form
  • ID of the company’s representative
  • Brief business profile
  • Logo (in high definition)
  • Membership payment bank receipt


Business Professional

  • Tax bill
  • Registration format
  • Official identification
  • Summary of activity performed



Lic. Lesly Santana

E-Mail: membership@chinachambermexico.org
Tel. +52(55) 5511-2011